It all began a long time ago in Saharanpur, UP India when we ran Peshwari Hotel. This led us to many exhibitions such as Aligarh University exhibition, Chandigarh exhibition, Ajmair Shareef India exhibition which occurred yearly. Our journey in India ended in 1947 after the division of British India into the two separate states of India and Pakistan. We began a whole new journey in 1952 known as Café De Khan. We took part in an international exhibition held at Karachi in 1954. We participated in the Australian world expo in 1988 held in Brisbane, where we introduced Pakistani food. Now we are in Mississauga, serving delicious, eclectic Pakistani BBQ food for the past 13 years. We take pride in offering the flavors of Pakistan using fresh products. We invite you to dine with us and we assure you this will add to your good memories.